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Services - Maintenance and Repairs / Renovations


Handyman Services

 In every home or cottage there are always maintenance and repair tasks that need to be done. Some are easy and some are not but they all take time. Making a list of all these items and then scheduling them to be completed will help you to stay on top of them. Things break down over time and are less likely to do so when they are well maintained.  


Home Renovation Services

Every home or cottage needs to be updated over time. Whether it is painting a room, changing trim and baseboards, or doing a  bathroom remodel, you want it done right. Now may be the time to get rid of the paisley wallpaper and the purple toilet..unless they are coming back in style!  We would be happy to give you an estimate on your renovations project.

About Us

Dave Friesen


I bring with me a wide variety of skills accumulated over many years working in the construction and manufacturing industries. With my passion for hands on work, desire to help others, strong work ethic, organizational skills, productivity and efficiency, I'm confident you will be happy with my work.

The Team


Married for 29 years, we are a great team.  Our different skill sets, personalities, and passions compliment each other, making working together in business a good fit.  Dave takes care of the field work, while Tracey looks after the office work.